#Picbod Digital Artefact

Not only did we have to make a physical artefact ready for exhibition, but also an appropriate digital version. The digital version should not be just a scan of the artefact as the magic would be lost. As I made a photobook and spent quite a lot of time designing and making it, I decided to document the production of it- this is something the physical artefact does not explain on its own. Therefore, it is a different experience for an online viewer.

I asked Alex Mason and Joseph Kesisoglou to informally interview me on camera so that they could ask questions that they would like to know as viewers. Some of my answers were satisfactory, but I felt that some needed rerecording. After starting with this interview style, I moved onto more of a monologue about the design aspect of the book. Although I talk to people about my work on an informal level, speaking more academically about my work is a little more challenging, as I’m a novice as it (to say the least) therefore, I appreciate that maybe in a years time or so I could improve the voice recordings as my public speaking (as well) is more improved. I feel that my voice is a little flat, but with practice this would be better.

That aside, I feel that my digital artefact allows the viewer to hear more about the work than a viewer at the exhibition; yet, they would not get the satisfaction of experiencing the book. I did not want to include many of the pictures in it as I would like to encourage the viewers to read more about it and contact me to see the book over just copying the images online.


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