#picbod Digital before the film

Although I have been shooting on 120mm film, I have made backups with digital, just in case.

So not only have I been thinking about my subjects, but also artefacts within rooms of their homes. I have selected my favourite images from what I took on digital. I feel that these images could be used as fillers or to pair with portraits as some portraits will not fit together suitably. Like in the way Bessard uses architecture, text and portraiture, I feel that having more visual context may add to the idea of intrusion; but at the same time, it could add to other readings. So what I would like to do is print them off and pair together in a scrap book, wait a few days and look at what a fresh reading says. I would like to offer a rough version for others to see what they think too.

Last weekend I worked with my Grandad and my parents. The ones of my dad are solely on film. However, here are some of the results. On reflection, I feel that the ‘look’ is prominent throughout the portraits, but aesthetically some work far better than others. I prefer one of my mother stood up in the living room; yet, it’s a hard choice. I feel that when it comes to the edit, another one may work better. At the same time, I am gutted to find that one of the ‘one off’ photographs of my mum sat down but from a distance is completely out of focus- I think I took it by accident. But I love it. I think something to learn is to not always stick to the same framing and take it out a bit more. However, I will wait for my film to see if I can save that image.

Needless to say, I do have one more family I would like to look at as well as a couple of friends as a backup. When I spoke to Michele Sank, she said that she preferred the framing with extra space around the subject such as with this one:

© Kate Green, 2013 All Rights Reserved (3 of 3)

At the same time, she doesn’t feel that the pictures with the couples work as well. However, for me, I like having the balance between singles and doubles with the additional reading of ‘sharing’ of these intruded spaces.

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