#picbod 35mm tests

So before jumping in with the medium format 120mm film, I have spent time with the Pentax Asahi s1a and some (terribly cheap) 200ISO colour film. I do regret getting such horrendous film because I feel that I could have received much higher quality images. But still, for tests, they serve good purpose.

To date now I have had one decline in the people I have asked take part in the project so far, which is unfortunate. But still, having some practices has meant that I can look at what I’ve got to improve on for my final images. With medium format, I can’t afford to make any mistakes.

Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 16.44.58


These three images has someone I know well, two people I’m starting to become friends with and a complete stranger. The stranger was difficult, but it’s something I can still work on. I would like to photograph my neighbours in their homes, if they are willing.


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