#picbod Shooting through ideas

© Kate Green, 2013 All Rights Reserved (1 of 1)


So working with the idea of intrusion I decided to knock on the door of the girl’s across the road this morning as they were just making some tea. They were not wonderfully comfortable with me being there, especially armed with a tripod and a couple of cameras. Like Ornowska, I wanted to have the whole body in the picture. I didn’t ask them to pose, just to look straight into the camera.

Th room was very dark and I didn’t want to use the tungsten light; with ISO 200 film I know that the slow shutter will mean that the images won’t come out just how I like them. But in terms of getting experience with photographing in this way, it was a good experiment. I took the photo on the left here on Canon 450d just to get an idea of what it would look like. However, once my 120mm film comes, with an ISO of 800, I feel that this room will be better to shoot in.

For this week’s task, we have been asked to photograph a stranger and find out a story about them. With my theme of intrusion, this is going to be a big ask if I wanted to have this theme within them as well. I have decided to start close, and then work out to friends of friends before moving onto strangers.

I paired these together to see whether there is a connection between them, for now I’m not too sure. Comments would be appreciated. However, I know that these are only really prototypes.

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