#picbod Couples: Joanna Ornowska

With formal portraiture again, Joanna Ornowska, depicts love as a climb. From the easy flat fields with the fast pace to the face of the mountain. She photographed couples in the peak district as they were walking the hills. They are all in portrait fashion, focusing on the subjects. Although formulaic in her approach and style, the couples seem relaxed to have their portrait taken. This indicates their willingness to participate, but how they are at ease with having their photograph taken in this open space. A lovely collection of work coupled with quotations by some of the sitters of all different ages.


I would personall criticise some of the images which look as though the couples have reached the summit of the mountain. I would personally argue that there is no summit to love, it isn’t tangible so who’s to decide what is its ultimate height, disregarding death.

Screenhttp://www.joanna-ornowska.co.uk/index.php?/projects/together/ Shot 2013-02-01 at 20.31.33


So what can I learn and take form Ornowska? I do much prefer the more cropped portrait style image and I feel that this would suit my style more. However, with my theme being ‘intrusion’ I would much rather my subjects feel a little more intimidated by the camera. This said, I feel that the location factor is significant: in an open public space, it isn’t as intrusive than if a photographer stepped into their house, there own personal space which they have created for comfort and security.

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