#Picbod Task 3 Critique

So after ‘ Nude and Naked’ today we had our usual critique. However, this time I knew that my image had more to it than just for the purpose of this week’s task so I was quite keen to hear about what people thought to it.

The main response was how it certainly does show this sense of un-comfortability with intrusion in spaces; but this is only a layer onto how people use a space in a formal way.

But from thinking about how I can evolve this, I get stuck. What else can I shoot? What location? How do I avoid a cliche? With this, I felt it necessary to speak to Matt, #picbod champ. We went over what my image had got going for it and which of those themes can be taken forward more. We came to agreement that I should be the intruder and that couples or groups of people would work better than one person on their own.

I have thought about using colour film, but I know that medium format would be ideal (although the university cannot accomodate for processing and printing). But speaking to Matt confirmed that I really should pursue this for my final images.

Needless to say that I am super excited about this project. The next task is to photograph a stranger. Matt said that I should try knocking on people’s doors and invading. But first I need to do this on another level; from people I know to people I know less, to people I don’t know at all. This will not only give me practice photographing people in this way, but communicating to people effectively.

Shave © Kate Green, 2013 All Rights Reserved

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