#picbod groundworks

I am really happy with my ‘nude and naked’ task response. I like the formal set-up of something quite ordinary as I feel that there is something more for the audience to gain, a sort of sense of intrusion and unease. Thinking about this I have had to try and brain storm more ideas along this theme.

For my nude and naked I touched upon image and how we are a hairless nation, almost. Although there are realms of this I would like to try, there is a lot more out there for me to uncover in an undefined theme that I have going, I guess the ‘intrusion’ aspect. I, by no means, know that these are just tryouts, I can see flaws in them which I would rather remove. However, here are a couple more images that I have practiced today. Although I feel that the outside shoot is not as strong, I think the location could be used effectively in a different way. Possibly with a shovel of some sort, perhaps.

I would like to use Jamie for more shoots, which he already knows about. Already I would like to shoot himself with a protein shake (a phenomenon which I can’t really understand); however, whether to shoot it in this living room environment or at a gym, I’m unsure.

© Kate Green, 2013 All Rights Reserved (1 of 2)

© Kate Green, 2013 All Rights Reserved (2 of 2)


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