IKON: setting up Northfield Showcase

Yesterday Emma and I started to set up the Ikon in Northfield Showcase. We had a plan to have three projections, three macs, a floor drawing, acetate drawings on a lightbox and maps. However, throughout the day with the tech team we had to adjust the plan using different projectors, more Macs and deciding to frame part of the floor drawing to hang. I had the role of uploading the slideshows onto each Mac and ordering them so that it would be more engaging for the viewer.

The portraits which the community centres did with professional cameras are the main focus in the room, however the main projector just didn’t do justice to the picture quality. We tried different projectors with a DVD and memory sticks, but still not to our taste. We then decided to use mini Macs which shown a higher quality on projection. I learnt that it would be better to plan more time to make sure exactly what format digital projection should be shown in, to avoid wasting precious time.

We went to the AV store to find plinths for the Macs to stand on, but because the exhibition is meant to be toddler friendly as well, we wanted the Macs to be quite low down; therefore, finding the right size prints for the right Macs was something else we had to consider. This made me really think about userbility of space and who exhibitions should cater for.

We went to view the lightbox; this is a little tall for Emma’s liking but it was bright; however, the bulbs were different colours. So, as a good intern I am, I went across town to Digbeth to pick up two cool white bulbs to fit into the light box.


Today was hugely about sorting out technicalities more than anything, but what it has taught me is to LEAVE time and plan accordingly. Really understand the space we are using and use it the max.

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