#Picbod Weekly Task: Nude and Naked

I knew I wasn’t happy with last week’s previous task and felt that I had to take a step back in what I really wanted to show and then the execution of it.

From the feedback session it was fairly typical that there was a general theme of ‘this is me and my boyfriend in bed…’. This made me think.

Thinking about this, I looked through Elinor Carucci’s work ‘Closer’ (yet again) and took particular interest in these images (Armpit, 1995) and (Masks, 1996)

Armpit, 1995 Masks, 1996

This made me think about Jamie, for as long as I have known him he has been bald. At 20, with early onset receding hairline he took the plunge in calling it a day. Of course there is the constant banter, even now over a year later. However, he keeps this image and he has to maintain it.

But what about the bigger picture? We are now in a world where both men AND women should be pretty much without hair. Hairy legs, armpits, face and pelvis are a big no no in Western society today and now with the protein shake and Men’s Health Revolution, hair men are no better.

Shave © Kate Green, 2013 All Rights Reserved


One thought on “#Picbod Weekly Task: Nude and Naked

  1. I love the broken thread from the towel going across his thigh. It’s a nice little detail. The idea behind it is good too. I haven’t seen any of your work for ages, I’ve missed it!

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