#Picbod Task 2

Needless to say that I, like many other have really struggled with this task. Naturally every day life gets in the way of tying people down to photograph. I have photographed Jamie, as seen. However, with working late nights, catching up with uni work as well as working at IKON gallery in Birmingham throughout the week, I’ve been exhausted. By the time I get home either my housemates are out or are all settled for rest, in which case I would rather not impose a camera on them. Naturally, it could be argued that as a friend they would understand, but for the sake of doing this for a deadline, I’d rather wait for a more comfortable moment.

Throughout the week, some nights I spend with Jamie, usually after he has come back from squash or me from work, then in the morning I am up early before he is awake to get ready for my work placements. I guess I have had to make use of this time and as far as documentary goes for my ‘tribe’ this is how it has been.

I have still carried on photographing Jamie. Yet, I have looked at other photographer’s work. I have already posted about Elinor Carucci as she is a huge idol for me and her use of recreating moments. However, I picked up Ed Kashi‘s book and in the prologue he has a photograph of his family.


His wife is also a photographer, so this relationship between his wife and children all taking photographs of each other is an alternative form of documentary of what their career’s and hobbies are. Photographing each other has this unseen bond between the family, like a family tree.

Only today I have seen this article of a mother Aglae Bory who has made intimate portraits of the relationship she has with her daughter. In it we can see the shutter cable which highlights how this is a recreation and that the mother is in control of this relationship and its portrayal. There has been some criticism as far as the relationship between mother and daughter not being celebrated throughout the images. I do agree to an extent with there being some kind of distance between them.


However, from looking at these I can appreciate how there are multiple ways of photographing intimacy.

It is something that I need to dedicate more time to in my practice in sort of ‘recreating’ events. I am not satisfied with what I have by no means, but now I have a better understanding of what I would like to achieve.


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