Self-Portrait Thoughts #Picbod

Lecture Notes:

I have been set to create a self portrait using available light whether that be natural (sunlight) or ambient (computer screen, lamps etc).

During the first seminar we looked at the work of Nikki S. Lee who in ‘Projects’ affiliates herself with communities such as high school students and the elderly; from this she fits in with hair and makeup, adjusting her body language. However, is this a true representation of her identity? It’s not her who she depicts but her ability to blend in like a chameleon. Yet, with her images we notice that we need reference points in order to understand ourselves; we need to experience things so we know our likes and dislikes…

We also looked at literal documentation of ones image. Noah Kalina and Ahree Lee photographed themselves over many years: Kalina looks more at the every day with his change in scenery and clothes for occasions. Yet, Lee looks more at the physical changes as her face ages; how she adds weight and the changes to her skin. As photographers we can also identify and portray an emotional documentation.

We discussed the three people to an image: the photographer, sitter and viewer; however, when the sitter becomes the photographer does this mean that there are only two people in an image. I would say no; Cindy Sherman is the sitter in her images but she acts as a character, not herself. As photographers we document, but as people we are more critical about our image and what we show.

Task Notes

Thinking about the task, it is something that I do quite often. Ever since photography became more than a hobby to me, I used self portraiture as a healing device through grief. Ever since, I have found myself documenting me in my personal space. When I control the shutter I feel that a camera is my best friend, or more than that. When I photograph myself, I find that it’s usually in the morning or as the sun sets. I am drawn to how natural light paints my spaces and how it slithers through my room. As the earth spins, every day the light changes and it’s something that I like to be apart of. So whatever I look like when I see this light I jump in.

© Kate Green, 2012 All Rights Reserved (1 of 1)-3 copy
Summer 2012
© Kate Green, 2012 All Rights Reserved (1 of 1)
December 2012

When thinking about what I wanted to portray within my self I pretty much wanted to show what I like to do. At this time of year my sinuses are more sensitive and I find looking at screens or being in the light too long really straining, so I try and stay in the darkness with soft light guiding me round my room.

© Kate Green, 2013 All Rights Reserved (1 of 1)-2
January 2013

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