Reflection on Assignment One

Kate Green

22 King Richard Street




Research artist documenting the world using photography; tackling current issues such as homelessness and Alzheimer’s disease. With the interest in research, looking at archives and other media is fascinating and vital to produce rich, poetic photography.

Working on a blog for promotion and reviews, more personal work is curated offline.

Recent Projects

Street Homes, 2012 – Poetic photographic body of work documenting the sleeping places of the street homeless in Coventry, devoid of their presence. Working with charities (Cyrenians and Anesis) to find these homes, with the ambition of displaying the work in the street environment. This was part of my BA Photography Degree (Module 250MC: 68.5%)

Crowded, 2012 – Relationship between two young people desperate to escape the cell of a claustrophobic space. Paying special detail to trapping light in one small space, Crowded is presented as a small book with the protagonists waiting for the viewer to open up their lives. This was part of my BA Photography Degree (Module 152MC: 77%)

An Absurd Reasoning, 2012 – Photographing hands as a symbol of how suicide victims take their lives literally into their own hands. A poetic approach to whether people have the right to their own death. This was part of my BA Photography Degree (Module 151MC: 70%)

Work Experience

IKON Gallery (Simon Taylor) – Archive and Online Marketing Internship 01.12.2012 – present

ProjectFRAME_ (Clarke Gallery) Venue Liaison Officer 31.10.2012 – present

FRESH@CU (George Rippon) Project Manager and Photographer 25.10.2012 – present

Pizza Express – Cleaner 29.09.2012 – present

CLUB M (Rob Hall) Night Club Photographer 16.12.2011 – 14.09.2012

Silk Orchid (Ivy Ng) Head Waitress and Supervisor 20.04.2008 – 24.09.2011

Girl Guides, 2nd Woodhall Spa Rainbows (Karen Greetham) Young Leader 3.09.2007 – 22.07.2011


Not To Be Worn ™ (Hareena Kapur designer) Fashion Photographer 06.06.2012


Enter F1 Magazine (James Wilson) Photographer at Autoshow NEC Birmingham 14.01.2012

Pictures to Treasure – (Julian Stumm) Wedding Photographer Spring/Summer 2011



Clothes Show Live Poster Winner 2012 – Work Exhibited at Clothes Show Live 2012

Mis-represented Group in the Media Award, presented by Steve Brookes at Coventry Univesity 16.12.2012


Photography BA, Coventry University 26.09.2011 – present

Geography (A), History (A) and Photography (B) A-Levels, Queen Elizabeth Grammar School Horncastle 4.09.2010 – 26.05.2011

Art (B) and English Literature (B) AS-Levels, Queen Elizabeth Grammar School Horncastle 3.09.2009 – 22.07.2010

13 GCSEs (A*-B), Queen Elizabeth Grammar School Horncastle 3.09.2007 – 22.06.2009

Full UK Driving License



SWOT Analysis




–       Strengths

–       Organised and proficient; this would be ideal for archiving

–       Being a team leader and dealing with difficult situations

–       Wide range of experience; I am willing to try anything

–       Good writing skills for administration and blogging

–       Technically proficient in terms of camera use, lighting and computer skills

–       Driving license

–       Weaknesses

–       – Over working leads to higher levels of stress, due to taking too many responsibilities on; however, I like to take any experience possible

–       – Sometimes having self doubt,


–       Opportunity

–       If a company does want any administration jobs, I have experience with organisational skills

–       Organisations and photographers are seeking the benefits of social networking, something I know well. For example, IKON Gallery would like me to do live tweets during talks.

–       Having obtained experience will then allow me to have a richer CV for further employment

–       Opportunity to be able to network once I am in the creative industry’s social circles, therefore, being able to show my work to influential people.

–       Threats

–       Competing against other students and post-graduates for placements

–       Many places are based in London, with a long commute, this could be difficult for time keeping and expenses

–       Attendance on short notice to other cities can prove difficult with train travel

Statement January 2013

My ambition after I graduate is to have my work exhibited in galleries. However, in the creative industry it’s not necessarily what you know, but who you know. With this in mind, it is important to be able to network well and get your name and work noticed. For this assignment, I am not expecting to be able to get my work published or presented because I feel I need a lot more experience, but I would like to use this allocated time to build on important networking skills.

Networking starts at home, so talking to my peers about their experience, one directed me to speaking to Elly Clarke who used to lecture in the Photography department. Speaking with her, she informed me of her new project ‘Project Frame_Birmingham’ to which Kevin Middleton and herself were looking for volunteers to look after artwork. The post as a Venue Liaison Officer means that I have the responsibility of 3 of the 30 works in the project, making sure they are clean and that people understand the work. The idea of the project is to show art in places we already go to, such as shops and bars. Therefore having a team to look after all the venues is essential. Yet, with the launch parties and speaking to the artists involved it has helped my networking skills and opened my eyes to other forms of art.

At the same time, I have had to look at my other interests within my industry. Looking at how I work, I try to do a lot of research into my project before shooting. Having this knowledge from research and archives, I do find this very interesting. When I had the offer to meet Simon Taylor, Head of Learning at IKON Gallery, with the prospect of getting some work experience with him. From this we discussed how their archives are neither well kept, nor are they of any use to anyone in their basement. I suggested that students today may find these archives integral to their studies and that it would be a great opportunity to file these and blog about them. Simon loved this idea, securing my placement at IKON gallery between January and March 2013.

FRAME_birmingham Role:

In my role as Venue Liaison Officer I have already been part of the hanging team in which I had to work with the other VLOs in accurately mounting artwork on walls. This required technical skills of sing a level meter and a power drill as well as working as part of a team.

Following this, we had to make sure that all the venues had sufficient information about the piece itself, but also how to direct a customer to buy the work.

The on going role of my VLO position means that on a weekly basis I have to base myself in Birmingham, go to my allocated venues to make sure that the work is clean and any queries have been settled. There are reinstall weeks for when work is sold, or a change is needed, which I shall help with. The project ends 17th February.

What I have achieved so far from this is more of an understanding of how a curator (Elly Clarke) visions a project, observing her techniques of how artwork should be hung and what venues would suit which pieces. Not only this, but having been to the social events, it has helped my networking skills so that I can now more comfortably talk to people about current affairs in the industry as well as promoting myself. However, the week by week work is very simplistic and does not hugely aid me; yet, it’s a different experience.

IKON Gallery Role:

To date I have been to IKON gallery for leisure before 17th December 2012 in which I had meetings with the IKON team. Simon Taylor is the Head of Learning at IKON and I will be working with him very closely. On the visit I had to fill out a lot of health and safety paperwork for the most part of the morning before discussing what needs to be done for the gallery. From the meeting it had been decided that I will be undertaking the role of looking after the physical archives in the basement, sorting and publishing online pieces of importance and real significance. Simon wants IKON to have more of an online presence and to aid art students in their studies. As well as this, I shall be helping with the installation of the next exhibition; going on trips with the learning team to shadow and become involved in project such as the Canal Boat. This is a good opportunity for me to discuss my practice and speak to young people about their options.

I am looking forward to starting at IKON gallery as it is a huge honour being able to work with the most prestigious photography gallery in Birmingham; often these placements aren’t offered to undergraduates.


I found that working on my professional CV was a different discipline to the CVs I have written before. It meant that I could briefly discuss what I have to offer rather than what an employer wants from an employee. 

The SWOT diagram was difficult; when usually I am faced with exploring positives, to find the negatives is a difficult discipline and quite brutal; however, now that I have started my work experience I feel that now I could add more to the table; for example, I don’t like looking at screens under artificial lighting as it strains my eyes too much.

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