252MC: Digital Media

After an introduction by Mez Packer and a follow through guide to set up a blog with my new website, it’s time to get started with this module so I’ve made a few notes.

Traditional Media in 2013 would be seen to be artefacts such as news papers, magazines, CDs etc

Current Media in 2013 is the internet and ‘apps’. However, current media over time will become traditional media as new technologies emerge.

Today, we are finding ourselves ‘immersed’ in technology as an experience; with the use of computer game narratives, for example, we can become emerged in make believe over real life. However, previously this experience could be found in a cathedral, for instance, where people would become immersed in religious belief with the architecture, paintings and stained glass.

The internet includes:

World Wide Web, Email, VOIP (voice over internet protocol) and FTP

Words to note:

FTP: File Transfer Protocol

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