Outside Exhibition

I photographed the print when I at the location to see the size and scale of what it would be like. From this I have Photoshopped the collection in. Although the blue line is neither the print I would now use, nor is it the beginning image, it has helped tremendously having this guide.



Like I said, I decided to use this space because on Sundays this is where the homeless and vulnerable line up for a food bag from Anesis. This space is used by this community and the general public. It is set to decorate and inform that these streets are the home to the rough sleepers. At the same time, having this near wear Anesis do their work, it highlights how this really can be reduced with the charity work that they do. Therefore, having the blue line at the end can represent how Anesis are there to help and reduce the vulnerability of the street sleepers.


© Kate Green, 2012 All Rights Reserved (3 of 3)

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