Hopeful Day

I’ve decided that since working with film for my personal work recently, I’ve been more complacent with digital. Thus, although I have a digital photo printed for the scale of the work in the site I would like it exhibited, I today have reshot some of my images on 35mm colour film.

On my way to one of my locations I noticed Matthew sat again, I caught his eye and he asked me over. He asked me how my day was and I returned the favour for him to tell me “today could be my lucky day”.

He told me that he has found accommodation but he has to prove that he can live there. Thus, working with the charities and the Job Centre for income support, he had to raise two months rent for today so that he could have a roof over his head. With this address he can then get a bank account and claim job seekers allowance. He said however, that in this contract’s terms and conditions, if he fails to meet the payment today, he cannot go for the scheme again for three years. Thus making him a rough sleeper for a further three years. He only had to make £18 today, I gave him £2. I hope that he got what he needed. He said that the benefits office would refund him immediately, but he needed to prove he could make the money and was wholly serious about this scheme.


Tomorrow I am going to get my film developed to see if my attention to detail with film was more successful. However, I did choose my location today. I originally thought I could spread out the images over the city; however, that means they can lose contextual value. So, I thought where I could put them so that they could be seen all together, like how photographs are all together on the mantlepiece at home. This made me think about where Anesis do their Sunday food hand out at the flyover near the Transport museum. The people all line up next to this chest height white wall. I think this would be a suitable place because this is also where the rough sleepers meet.

I’ll upload pictures from my film and what I’d like the exhibition to look like tomorrow.

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