Studies show that 2006/2007 rates of homelessness in the West Midlands reached 8,740 households.


I have sent off one of my images to print and mount at 60cm/60cm. I wanted the size to be big enough for a passer by to notice the photograph. I would like them to possible run as tiles on the floor, or perched onto public walls, benches etc. However, until I have the print all ready, I cannot experiment further yet.

Also today I reshot the steps outside the register office where two street sleepers go at night. Although I said I wanted to possibly shoot the steps from above, the sun was reflecting off the building behind really nicely onto the brickwork so I opted for this image.


I have been thinking further about presentation of the work so that it is sensitive to the homeless. Having them interact with the work would be excellent, so that they could possibly sell it and make a profit for themselves. I looked online to see if there are laws and regulations to street selling. Licences are needed if food is sold after 11pm on the streets. However, I looked at the Hawker’s Licence:

You will require this licence if you intend to hawk any goods, wares or merchandise within the district. A hawker means a peddler or a person who travels and trades, moving from town to town or to residences soliciting orders for, carrying to sell or exposing for sale any goods, wares or merchandise.

A hawker does not include the following:

– Commercial travellers or other persons selling or seeking orders for goods, wares, or merchandise to or from persons who are dealers therein, or selling or seeking orders for books or newspapers;
– Sellers of vegetables, fish, fruit, newspapers, brooms, matches, game, poultry, butter, eggs, milk or any victuals;
– Persons selling or exposing for sale goods, wares or merchandise in any public market or fair lawfully established, or upon any racecourse, agricultural showground, or public recreation ground;
– Sellers of goods of their own manufacture; or
– Persons representing a manufacturer whose goods are sold direct to consumers only and not through the medium of a shop.

I think therefore a rough sleeper could sell my work. However, who would buy it I do not know. At the same time, what size should they be, for a rough sleeper worrying about a large print outside is quite an ask.




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