So, deciding I want to make a small Photobook, I have decided I want around ten images to present my work with. Having already rejected images I have taken either by deciding they are too generic or displeasing to the eye I’ve opened up 27 images in Bridge.


From these I rejected and starred images.

Originally I chose these images and this ordering:

I chose to fit them together with the lines of the pavement, or cracks etc. However, leaving the ordering a day to come back to, I have not only decided that some of the images are in fact horrendous, but the message is really not clear and coherent.

Thinking back to my more ‘poetic approach’ using the subway, although I love the light, is just not worthy of being in this project. I do not want to present obvious steriotypical work.


Looking back through my work over the last couple of weeks, it has been clear I have been drawn to the floor. For some homeless this is where they sleep. I selected and ordered these images. However, I like to idea of possibly moving the blue line to the end to indicate a full stop; however, homelessess is probably never going to cease as we know it.

However, I think the ordering above is my favourite. Having the picturesque park with the peeping rough sleeper in the background reminds me of a person in their living room. This, although a commercial space, is his home. Having this immediately next to the floor of cigarettes where Jay has sat many-a-time is a shock; the reality of the dingy streets for some. I places this next to the confetti from the registry office because of the scattering. The confetti is a scattering of celebration; however, the truth is that by night two rough sleepers dwell and use this place as their home. I wanted to include ‘Our Space’ as a message of the rough sleepers; Jay sits under this sign. It may act as decor, but seeing it from the outside it acts as a message that the outside is home to the street sleepers. The image of the steps I would like to reshoots; probably from above to keep the theme going. The cigarette wedged in the bench is where I saw the rough sleepers congregate on the Sunday I spent with Anesis; I did not want to include a generic photograph of a bench that could be anywhere. I wanted to use this particular bench which they all smoked round. The final three images are about the story of Matthew: the council filled in the subway between the city centre and the station, all of these mark the eradication of this shelter for Matthew. I have decided to end it with a full stop because this place is no longer a home. Rough sleepers don’t spend all their time in one place unlike people who live in homes would. This is partly because they are moved on by the Police or they feel unsafe.

Although I do not want to stereotype, I have wanted to photograph what I can with the absence of the rough sleepers. This, sadly, has meant that I have photographed cigarettes a lot but this is a representation of who they are. They are not going to leave something behind, because it is all they have. If all they have is a Sainsbury’s bag of bits and pieces that make them more comfortable, it’s unlikely I’ll ever see it.



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