Change of Pace

So, after speaking to my tutor, Caroline Molloy, about my project I concluded that going with the absence of the rough sleepers is the best way forward, making a more poetic document of their existence. This is indeed more abstract, so I then have to choose how I deliver this message to my audience.

Here are my more successful photographs. I would like to reshoot some of them; however, I do keep returning to the same locations to find subtle differences from what has been left behind. For example, the Penguin wrapper is exactly where Jay sits under the flyover and it isn’t a chocolate biscuit one buys at a corner shop and litters, so I figured he may have been given it.

The blue line, sign and the different colour paving slabs are representative of how one rough sleeper’s street home, as it were, was filled in by the council changing the route from the city centre to the train station.

I wanted to diversify my photography: not just sticking to straight landscape, nor solely artefacts because all as a whole creates more of an atmosphere, a home, for the rough sleepers. Like in the same way I would photograph a personal space; it as a whole, different elements and the contents.

I have started to consider a kind of ordering, but first I would like to ensure I have 10 solid images.


Feedback would be gratefully received.

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