Home to the City

So here is a collection of some of the places in Coventry where the rough sleepers spend their time. I can’t say that I like all of these photographs. I think that these places are so familiar to me that I find them difficult to photograph without any emotional connection. This is similar to what I discussed in my essay on portraiture. The more the photographer knows about a particular sitter, more can be revealed. However, because I have a very limited knowledge of the rough sleepers’ personal stories these places do not mean anything to me.

I find myself realising that my photographic potential is more in my personal life, using photography as a tool of intimacy. However, photographing like this I feel very exposed and actually rather silly.

I photographed the end of the blue line because this blue line at one time indicated a route to the train station from town, however, this is now cut up because a subway was filled in in 2012. This subway was ‘home’ to Matthew  Who now has relocated closer to the city centre. Subways in Coventry scream homelessness so I wanted to steer clear of them to be honest as it is very predictable.

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