True Stories

Cyrenian’s have a ‘True Stories’ page on their website to which I have found some information on their success stories and locations:

Will is a 39 year old entrenched rough sleeper with an alternating class A drug addiction to Heroine and Crack and alcohol addiction.  Will spent three years sleeping rough in the doorway of a church in Coventry city centre, sleeping there whatever the weather, with no contact with any agency […]Although the Rough Sleeper service had tried to engage with Will on a number of occasions he had always kindly refused to even come in and take advantage of our facilities.  As such it was decided that we would change tactics and one member of staff would adopt a persistent engagement approach to try to get Will to engage.  This approach meant that he was targeted continually on our rough sleeper walks and form filling was done with him on the street.  This approach led to a good degree of trust and understanding between. Will and the support worker to the extent that his benefits were sorted out whilst he was still on the street, and his appointments and meetings took place on park benches, at the church or in cafes.  It was by working this way that Will did start to come down to our offices occasionally which was a major breakthrough for us as he was also using our facilities to shower and get a change of clothes.


This is useful information for me to site the areas and photograph in Coventry.

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