Shelter-Jodi Cobb

When looking in ‘The Way Home – Ending Homelessness in America’ many of the series of works in there are black and white and portraits. Although portraiture is something I would like to do in the long term, in terms of this short project where I am now going to be going onto landscapes first, I found Jodi Cobb was the only photographer taking a similar approach.

As I met Miami’s homeless people, I found myself intrigues by the edger of their lives, the grace notes of survival: a touch, a toy, a picture on the wall. The details dignify a life-or degrade it.

Although Cobb was in the community she photographs more than just the homeless themselves; photographing their climate in which they make their own.

What I like about her work is the use of natural light as a way of depicting a true narrative of what the atmosphere is like for rough sleepers and settlers.

The photograph of the chair is titled in the book as ‘This notorious alley in downtown Miami is abandoned by day, but by dusk fills with dozens of homeless men and women’. This comment is exactly what I am trying to communicate to my audience. Places common folk all know well by day, but transform into homes come dusk.

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