Making a decision

Because of other commitments, coupled with having difficulties when working through a charity whose priorities are more important than a photography student’s interest, I have had to change my approach to the homeless.

I thought that I would run into this problem; this project, as I want it to turn out, is going to take a lot more time. So then I can allow myself time to gain access to the lives of the homeless, vesting in their trust before photographing them and their possessions. I am now in contact with Dean O’Brien who volunteers for Kervin Julien who helps feed Coventry’s rough sleepers on Sundays and offer support. With this contact I hope I can have more direct access to getting involved and speaking to the rough sleepers, establishing a relationship and gaining their trust. As well as this, I have a contact number for a housing officer in Birmingham, Wendy.

To this date I have only spoken to Jay who is a rough sleeper.

However, I was thinking about the homeless I have seen in the city and where they make their home, as it were. There are obvious locations, but in the day these places are used by the public and trampled over. But these places are the rough sleepers’ beds. I would like to go to these locations which I already know of: train station subways; outside the university; outside Sainsbury’s; register office and photograph the location as a landscape.

From previous work I have done I have thought about the narrative of the work and how much information I reveal to the viewer. I feel that with this work where I shoot, I am shooting someone’s home; there may be signs of life in these places. These landscapes will act as portraits.


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