FRAME_ Day 4

Launch day.


Day four was a bit of an epic adventure. Meeting at Hotel de Vin we had three more pieces of work to install: over the main bar, in Pub de Vin and in one of the suites upstairs. During the time of installation, we got a call from Elly instructing us to pick up the labels for all the pieces. Intuitively, Kat and I decided to go to pick them up, then sub-divide them: Kat took the venues in the Jewellery Quarter while I went back to Hotel de Vin and divided the remainder between Catherine, Sebastian, Lee and I. So, we had three hours to fit 32 labels around Birmingham city. Not an easy task I must say.


Hot, tired and a little wet, Lee and I returned to The Old Joint Stock at 5 to set-up for the web and official Launch of FRAME_. Unfortunately with technology against us we couldn’t get a DVD running on the player and big screen. The show must go on as photographers, artists, curators, friends, families, VLOs and venue representatives congregated in the small theatre upstairs for Elly Clarke’s speech and the official opening.


From there we pretty much mingled.

Great atmosphere. Excellent night of some good mingling!

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