FRAME_ Day 3

Wednesday 14th November 2012

“So today I went to Birmingham in part of installation week for the launch on Friday. Lee and I met the other VLOs; Kat, Catherine and Sarah at Le Truc, Birmingham where they were just finishing off. As Lee and Kat then went over to another venue, Catherine, Sarah and I headed to the Custard Factory to pick up more frames for installation at Provide and Frenchies there.

Lee, Kat and I then went about hanging the frame at Provide which was going to be  placed on a brick wall. This meant that we had to work out where we wanted the frame, where the cord was and measure how far it would drop once hung. With this into consideration we measured where we wanted the two screws to hang the frame from and made sure they were level. Exactly right the frame fitted excellently on the wall, level. However, because the brickwork was wonky it made the frame look ‘out’. That said, it still looked great.

Off to Frenchies next and the location of the frame had been changed from its original place so we had instruction from Sarah on where Elly Clarke, the curator, wanted it. The hanging technique of this frame had changed from mirror plates to a cord hanging. We found this straight forward, we found that with the curved wall a drop shadow was caused; this frustrated me as a photographer but there wasn’t anything we could do.

After a spot of lunch, we headed over to Elly’s flat and pick up the piece for The Vaults. Interestingly, the establishment is under new ownership and is undergoing an artistic transformation so Taylor was enthusiastic for more work, not understanding that he was only receiving one poignant frame from us. Again, this was a brick wall we had to drill into.”

Overall, I really enjoyed the day and I’m glad I got to meet most of the other VLOs after not being able to make the ‘knees up’ the night before. However, the launch is tomorrow; here’s the Facebook event link:

I documented some of the day on 35mm film

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