Fashion Brief

I collaborated with Caroline Walker, a fellow photographer, and a fashion team at Coventry University in order to create a photographic poster of their garment made by scarves under the theme ‘Razzle Dazzle- Dark Circus’. The images have been submitted and going in front of a panel to decide whether it will be shortlisted to be shown at Clothes Show Live 2012 in Birmingham.

I felt that with 7 creative minds all looking at one brief differently it was always going to be difficult. I honestly do not have an eye for fashion or fashion photography for that matter, yet I got stuck in. After having 3 weeks of not much communication between fashion and photography we decided to have a meeting so we could prepare what  the shoot day would be like with regards to props, makeup, poses and lighting. We all agreed on very stark lighting from one side creating high contrast on the model to go with the dark theme.

The shoot day went as well as I anticipated; we’re not all professionals yet, but I did feel like the props that were made were a little amateur and hard to work with. This on top of a team of fashion students who had an impartial input into what the model, garment and set looked like on the shoot. After much communication and them satisfied we called it a day. We chose these images as our most successful.


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