As of Wednesday 31st, when I first met with Kevin Middleton, I am now a Venue Liaison Officer for Frame for three months.

Frame is a photographic project of 40 pieces of art in 30 venues across Birmingham with its launch night on Friday 16th November at York’s Cafe.

On my first day of my experience I was briefed on what my role was to be. Once a week I shall go round my chosen venues in the Commonwealth Business District in Birmingham, make sure that the venue is happy with their artwork, what the response is, whether they need more information, flyers etc. I will be assisting the team to hang the artwork in the week of 12th November, then every month the work will be rotated, if the pieces haven’t already been sold prior.

On Friday 2nd November, for my second day, Kevin, Sarah and I met at York’s cafe, the hub of the project, and began to tour the CBD and Bullring where pieces are going to be hung so that we could measure the wall space so that the prints will comfortably fit. At the same time, I got to meet some of the business managers and representatives to start a working relationship with them. Once at the Custard Factory, we met with Elly Clarke to pick up postcard fliers and business cards for dispersing to promote the project.

Already Elly has caught the interest of more business and the Arts Council with talks on the project.

Luckily for me, I got to see a preview of some of the prints at the framers; absolutely exquisite prints from German photographers. I must be hesitant of photographer’s names and businesses for they will all be unveiled on the opening night when the tours of the city will begin.

I think today, although I was only with Kevin and Sara today, I felt like I need to seriously and quickly brush up on my small talk skills and finding middle ground. I think this is because I felt like a novice as Sara and Kevin appear to know a lot more about the art world. However, the real work will start soon when installation begins.

Venue Liaison Officer Job Description

The Venue Liaison Officer is the face of FRAME_ and represents the project to our host venues. You will have a group of up to 6 venues, and your key role will be to visit each venue at least once every two weeks to ensure that everything is going smoothly. You will be “on call” one day a week (which is when you can visit your venues.) Whilst “on call” you will be responsible for visiting any FRAME_ host venue that experiences an issue that day. Venues will call their Venue Liaison Officer in the event of a problem (any day of the week), and if the Host Venue Officer is not available, they will simply call the “on call” officer who will deal with the problem.

Key Skills:

  • ●  Reliable ­ if you say you will be at a venue at a certain time, you need to be there. Thisrole is vital to the success of the project and we must be able to rely on our Venue

    Liaison Officers to deliver on the promises that they make;

  • ●  Great interpersonal skills ­ ability to talk to a range of people (including business people,representatives of religious institutions etc.);
  • ●  Well presented ­ we have some very prestigious host venues, such as Hotel du Vin;
  • ●  Flexible ­ you need to be willing to answer your phone to your venues even when youare not officially “on call”;
  • ●  Calm ­ if your venue is having a crisis, you need to be able to stay calm and help them;
  • ●  Polite ­ if your venue is having a crisis, you need to stay polite and not get caught up inthe emotion;
  • ●  Organised ­ you will need to keep records of your visits, any issues, etc.;
  • ●  Mobile ­ you need to be able to get between our venues. Most are in the city centre, butthe mac in Cannon Hill Park is also a venue; and
  • ●  Enthusiastic ­ above all, you will need to be enthusiastic about the project and the worksinvolved ­ even when you have a hangover!

    You will gain experience of:

  • ●  managing professional relationships with a host of different venues (some element ofchoice of which venues will be possible);
  • ●  hanging & handling work;
  • ●  being part of the FRAME_team;
  • ●  potenetialy liaising with clients (who have bought work);
  • ●  documenting the work in the venues; and
  • ●  helping with promotion of FRAME_ in those specific venues and generally.Please contact Kevin Middleton at for more info

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