Graduation Photography FRESH@CU

So, I am part of a team of five to organise the photographs of the Media and Communications Department’s graduates for FRESH@CU.

So far we have had two meetings; to discuss, pricing, print sizes and then to secure the areas which we will work with. We have decided that we will be doing the class shots in the new photography room; although the main part of the celebrations will be in the Student Union, we looked at the venue and decided it would be too much of an inconvenience to traffic people to accommodate 15 minute slots for each course. Thus, deciding to take it to Ellen Terry we have devised a one way system around the ground floor to direct the graduates into ETG07 then through to ETG10 where they can order and pay for their copies for the group shot.

That done, we need to decide on how we are going to place up to 60 people to create a great photograph for the graduates.

Work in progress.

So far I have learnt that this is going to take a lot of organisation beforehand because we will have a short time period to get everyone sorted and through the system, no time for silliness.

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