City College – Day 2

On Friday 19th October I returned to City College in Coventry to give a better description of my brief I would like them to do.

This time I came prepared for if my powerpoint presentation failed, which luckily it didn’t. I presented  what I’m looking for so that they were engaged immediately with the project;

•Personal Stories
•Precious Artifacts
•Special Places
Shortly after I then discussed some of my previous works of Crowded and an Absurd reasoning. This gave them an insight into my interests in narrative and photography, so I then set the brief of the 27 images on 400ISO colour film with a description of their life/story.
Because it appears that college is centred around photographing accurately in terms of lighting and composition I shown some photographers’ work such as Elinor Carucci,, Henry Hargreaves and Richard Billingham so highlight how the story is important to their images, not the beauty in their own right.
All in all the group were very much stunned by me telling them to do what they liked; almost as if they wanted me to be very specific about what they should photograph. I left it open to them.
12 out of the 14 cameras were taken, which I think is a huge success. I look forward to the Christmas time when I can see the results!
I feel that in hindsight already that having this many people is going to be difficult to manage especially as I’m only in contact with three individuals who were keen to follow me on Twitter to join my conversation. It’s easier to start small and work out bigger, rather than biting off more than I can chew.

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