Day One: City College

Today I met with the two second year photography groups at City College, Coventry. When I arrived one of the groups was finishing critiquing each other’s work on cake editorial photography. I knew straight away that my project is going to be miles from what they are used to.

Unfortunately due to some technical hitches I couldn’t show the presentation I had made for them; but I think this was the my advantage- it was more informal so it didn’t seem like I was really strict etc. I wanted them to get a feel for the person I am and what I would like to do. However, I need to be more conscious about making different file types so that my presentations are compatible for Macs and PCs.

In my 10 minute pitch I told them a little about what my practice is all about and then how I would like them to get involved. It was excellent- the looks on their faces were brilliant when I told them I didn’t care how beautiful their images were just as long as they spoke of truth. I feel that perhaps the education system is gearing more to precision and elegance over the creative field and I feel that the fact that the majority are interested says a lot.

I am going to meet the students again on Friday where I will have more visuals and inspiration for them to consider, developing the project further.

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