Lost in Hillfields

So I went on a walk today through Hillfields and took some sound recordings. Walking through the park, near the hospital and on the main streets were as it usually is. However, I then took a road I had never been to before. Never again. I felt that I stood out like a sore thumb.

I went to where the Homeless Day Centre was meant to be; but there isn’t anything there, just a council building. For safety, I don’t think it’s wise for a young lady to go round one of the most dangerous areas in the UK talking to the homeless without any organisation overviewing me. So, I think that this is going to be an idea I will have to review.

On the other hand, the staff at City College are very keen for the students to become involved with this project. Therefore, I can hopefully gain a wide range of personal stories.

I think I need to research more into the area to get another idea to document the area.

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