Specific Sites, Site Specific

As a continuum of my research from Hillfields, I have to creatively approach this area with a lens, documenting the place in my way from the research I have collected and considered.

Yesterday we were asked to ‘Stop and Stare’ for half an hour in an area in Coventry. I chose the very centre of town. Sitting on the cold marbled water fountain in the middle of a pedestrian crossroads I found myself watching people’s behaviours. For example, people who walk in numbers of more than two are more likely to walk in straight lines whereas people alone weave and walk to create shortcuts. Why is this? Because they are concentrating on their journey?

Many people stopped to check a bag or to say goodbye. I averaged that the average amount of time to stand still in the bustling city centre is 15 seconds. Also, people with pushchairs on average have one bag on the right handle.

This task was set to found out how we see the world. Interesting to see that I look out for behaviours in people. I think that this would be a good way to continue my research; go into Hillfields and watch,hear and breathe the area.

I was thinking about this and the area I have been given just misses where I live and I would like to become more part of the community for this research. So, I have emailed City College Coventry to see if I can get some students on board and involved in the project. I am waiting on the response.

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