For the Autumn I have been instructed to research one particular area.
I have chosen the district of Hillfields in Coventry. I live on the cusp on the area and am familiar with the area.

What comes to mind when thinking about the area is: students, crime, prostitution, hospital and the Kasbah nightclub.

To start my research, a quick Wikipedia search and google maps. I found out the history that Hilfields was originally named Harnall, a place of high standard living from the Local Board of Health survey in 1850. However; leading up to WW2, the upkeep of the area slipped and the following bombing meant that Hillfields had purpose built housing for 6,000 in 13 tower blocks. The car industry and 20 manufacturers in the area disappeared so the area slipped into decline. Now notorious for the red light district and one of the 10 most dangerous areas in the UK.

This has lead me to look at the level of crime.

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