Summer Reflection

I feel that over the summer my creativity has been a little put to the side; the pace of life and transition of becoming more of an independent adult has faltered me. However, I feel that in my blog posts from the summer I am still sensitive to natural light and my own personal visual diary. This is something that I vested an interest in the latter years of my first year at university.

I feel that the inspiration of my grandmother during my first term has made me more conscious of the people whom have made a significant impact on my life: thus choosing my mother as a portrait piece and my father with his successful career in the cinema industry.

Yet, I feel that I need just that little something to inspire a new exciting path in my photography; or whether I need this time of taking a similar route which will then become my identity.

I think that when I return back to university at the weekend I will work again with film so that I think like film; being more sensitive to light in way that isn’t so disposable like digital is.


For now, I will just lie down and escape from real life and listen to the soundtrack from Pearl Harbour.

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