Janet Green; a portrait

Photographing someone that is close to me seemed like a too easy of a task; but I actually had to think carefully about what I see most in this person.

My mother is fanatical about books; piles by her bed, in the living room and the shelves are bursting full of the pages that drives her mind. Although mum does have a great interest in film, musicals and being a wife; she never seems to be so content as when she is enjoying a good book.

“Oh Jane, you torture me!” he exclaimed. “With that searching and yet faithful and generous look, you torture me!”

Chapter Twenty Three, Mr Rochester proposes to Jane

So, I wanted to portray my mum in the best way; I asked her to pick her favourite book, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, and to read her favourite passage while I photographed her. I wanted to place her in front of our biggest book case where books are organised, yet are over spilling. I think this in itself identifies what a passion this is to her. I used natural light from the window to the right of the camera and then wanted to balance out the light by bouncing the light to the left. I used different techniques before choosing exactly which one was best lit. I decided to have a high depth of field so that the subject was truly engulfed in the books and have a balanced light throughout the image. I felt that having a strong light with shadows isn’t natural; nor would one read in such a light.

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