Ninety Years On: A Proud Daughter

Sunday 26th August, The Kinema in the Woods in Woodhall Spa celebrated 90 wonderful years of cinema in the old pavilion building.

Without a doubt, the Kinema to this day attracts in its thousands every year delivering an independent cinema experience unlike any other. With its back screen projection in Kinema One which has now delivers a Dolby Digital experience since November 2011. On this Sunday however, Kinema One presented both 35mm film and digital projection with a back to back screening of The Smallest Show on Earth and Singin’ in the Rain. Throughout the afternoon, before the evening’s entertainment, the Kinema was fully open to the public offering tours; piano and organ presentations; splicing demonstrations and silent films screenings.


A very busy afternoon indeed; then having people tell me how extraordinary the Kinema really is. I suppose days like those are the ones that truly make me think just how much I respect and admire my father, James Green, owner and manager of the cinema for over thirty years. Making a speech at the beginning of the evening, my father commended those who have worked their whole lives in the cinema industry before coming to a close highlighting that next year will come to 50 years for himself.

“Once you catch the bug, it lives with you forever”

I had an overwhelming sense of pride for my father in those moments as I reflected on how he has made the Kinema what it is today: with assortments of displays throughout the foyer, and not forgetting installing the organ in Kinema One in the 1980s and the building of Kinema Too in 1994.

A wonderful day.

I wonder just how the Kinema will be in ten years time.


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