The Tree That Makes Me

On the weekend, I went with my mum to Suffolk to do some work on the family tree. My mother is very keen to find her routes and she started with her father’s side. I feel that uncovering the past links with my idea of memory and ageing population. Many people regret not asking their parents or grandparents about their family before they die; this goes on for generations. Then one day someone goes through the records, orders the census and travels round the villages to uncover the past. In a sense, finding all the pieces of the puzzle that makes you. How names reoccur in records.

The Tree That Makes Me is a few photographs I took on the day; places of burial, previous homes and my mother throughout the day. I feel that this is the start of a project of my own. Photographing the places and people that have influenced me to become the person I am today.

Instead of mourning over the past, it’s time for me to look back and see how these people have helped me grow. This is a project that links my personal interest and my photographic style well.


More to come.

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