Title and Presentation

Because I have edited the photographs as pairs and also as a whole, I thought that making my set of images in the form of a concertina book would be ideal: this way the images can be viewed two ways. Because of my theme of a claustrophobic space, I thought that I would therefore light my book to be small and the images to have narrow borders. I therefore chose to place the images in Photoshop 10cm by 10cm with a 0.5cm border.

With 14 images I wanted to print them in sets of 7, I had to consider where the folds would be so I used guidelines on Photoshop to help me place the images precisely. Because of the nature of making a concertina, I had to leave excess paper in order to glue the two sets together.

I wanted to keep my title very simple and I’m calling it ‘Crowded’ so that it gives the viewer the information of how this is a going to be a closed space. I don’t feel that a viewer needs to know any more information of who the characters are or where they are so I am not going to add an introduction either.

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