Ordering and Theme

After editing my photographs I came to the conclusion that there was a negative feel to my images; the two characters seem cramped in one space, but it is not ever clear what the space actually looks like or where the people are within it.

Considering my narrative, I decided to keep it simply going from morning to evening: there isn’t a pivotal moment within the images that could show a change of events; the images seem to be very ‘still’ as if to say that this life being confined to one space is endless without progressing; yet there is tension as there is hope with how the faces are lit looking to the one light source that is the window. However, the characters do have access to the outside world through the laptop and phones. Thus the temperature changes throughout. I chose images that were different in black space which very much focuses the eye on the lit detail.

Pairing images is important; I did not want portraits next to one another so that the narrative is more about the space than the relationship between the two people. The two people are never in any frame together neither. A viewer may read into this how they wish for it could be argued that there is tension between the characters with the pauses between them of still lives. When paring the images, I looked at how the light made crescents on objects and faces thus I wanted to put these together to highlight the continuity of where the light source is and how the light dictates the space. At the same time, the slits in the curtains are repeated throughout: this is inspired by Joel Meyerowitz in Oxbow Archive.

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