Joel Meyerowitz – La Natura delle Citta

This photo book, published in Italy and written in Italian has a collection of photographs from Meyerowitz in New York, San Pietroburgo (Saint Petersburg), At;anta and Saint Louis. Meyerowitz documents the three cities at different times of day: New York, being so built up with skyscrapers, feeling claustrophobic, it is less clear what the times of day are.

The series which I most prefer is san Pietroburgo: Meyerowitz charactaristically uses the time of day in which he shot the image which gives the viewer a clear indication of how the natural light has an effect on its environment through a day.

The other series I like it Saint Louis: it has hazy sunrises with mist looming over the ground. This is an idyllic scene, very soft on the eye.

I personally have looked through this book knowing that I was looking for how light effects the environment at different times; what a brilliant photo book for it.

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