Editing Down

Collecting all my images together I had 306 photographs and I wanted to edit them down to identify the best quality that would also work to make a narrative for my final piece.

I initially did this on my own by printing off four images to one A4 page and picked out the few that I definitely wanted to be in the final edit; then I had a pile of similar images which I wanted fresh eyes for and then there was my dismissed pile.

From printing the images, I then turned to Adobe Bridge and used the star system to then separate the best, the possibilities and the rejections. In the categories I could then see the chosen as a set and see how they work together to make a narrative or whether there are some images too similar. I feel that this is a great cost-effective way to edit images; you can look at the collection as thumbnails and as a ‘filmstrip’ to see how the images follow each other.

I chose my favourite images to change the levels and the temperature to really emphasise just how my eyes could see the light, this did not require much editing. Yet, as we went through my images, it was clear that the mood that my images were portraying was that of negative connotations than positive.

However, I certainly feel that having other people look at your work helps as they will take something different from the work. For example, I had the intention of highlighting how a couple share one space, yet, as the the editing went on, it has turned to how this couple are confined to this claustrophobic space.

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