Crowded by Kate Green

So here it is! The book is bound! I chose a teal cover which is hard back to bind the book. I had the photographs printed at the Print Bureau on matte paper so that it would not crease the same way in which glossy would; however, the paper does scratch and tarnish, which makes it more precious to handle. The photo book is tiny and easy to hold in the hands and the photographs appear to want to be bigger because of the tight border, which I think highlights how the characters in the narrative want to escape. The fact that it’s a concertina and can be pulled out further consolidates this.

I enjoyed binding the book; however, carelessly I over glued the spine and so the paper has become a little tarnished and the last photograph has been damaged by the glue as well. However, as a first copy I am happy with the size and how it looks so if I wanted to make more, they would be of a higher quality. I like the texture of the title on the front: I printed off the title and backed it to thicken up the paper then covered it in tissue paper to give it a more home made feel.


Despite having a tight deadline, I have enjoyed this task very much and making an artefact that can be physically held. I feel that looking at other photographers and speaking to my colleagues has greatly helped this experience. If I did it again, I would definitely have spent a little more caution on those finer things in making my book.

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