Mary McCartney – From Where I Stand

This photo book by photographer (and daughter of Sir Paul McCartney) Mary McCartney is based on her standpoint as she goes behind the scenes of fashion shows and at theatre dressing rooms. However, there are also series of photographs that are more intimate, which to me are more inspirational. There is only a small handful out of the collection of what really appears to be a portfolio of work; yet it is far more interesting than her celebrity portraits of Madonna and Beth Ditto.

I love the use of natural light in these that give a soft glow to the characters; it also highlights how the situations are more personal as the viewer is allowed into this intimate space. What caught my attention was McCartney’s quote ” I like the stories that beds tell, the imprints of memories, or safety and peace “. This perfectly sums up my previous blog posts of relaxing in bed in the mornings with the light streaming through. However, I personally would like to see the images in colour: I assume that they are I’m black and white for a reason; yet, from what I understand of this sort of lighting, the colours are soft to the eye.

I particularly am drawn to the child stood on a ned looking out the window: the trees outside look like they are in bloom, so summertime. The swimming shorts consolidate this argument and thus therefore, one can assume that there is something outside that the child longs to do. Not giving the child an identity allows the viewer to identify with the emotions portrayed as he stands on the very edge of his bed.

2 thoughts on “Mary McCartney – From Where I Stand

  1. I’ve always wanted to shoot in a bedroom enviroment, but I’ve not yet managed to make it look too intrusive and voyeuristic. Though I like a slight voyeuristic feel to my work, I’d rather it didn’t end up too awkward to view… Maybe this can be my new project now I’ve finished A Level 🙂

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