Joel Meyerowitz – Cape Light

Cape Light is another photo book by Joel Meyerowitz. In it is a collection of colour photographs of the late 1970s as colour photography was in a ‘noticeable accleteration’ (Clifford Ackley). The series of photographs are somewhat romantic as we follow Meyerowitz around his Cape home in Truro: looking down corridors and over the balcony at different times of day which shows just how the light has different poetic effects on the environment, offering different moods to the collection.

Plate 7 is a night scene on the porch with warm orange light coming from inside which contrasts the deep blue sky. This fiery tone illustrates destruction or possibly huge passion and desire: this is coupled with the lightning strike in the background of the image.

The book guides the viewer from house to beach, to swimming pools, to shops giving a clear view of the area. Meyerowitz seems very confident with the area and how light has an astounding effect. Throughout the book, there are images that follow one another which are of the same place but at different time with different lighting and weather. This offers the viewer an insight into not only the climate, but how the space is used and how it changes. This is, for me, an excellent part of this series of light and colour and gives the viewer something more to consider; at the same time, although the same place, people’s different ‘horizons’ and views will dictate which photograph they prefer.

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