Collecting Natural Light

Following on from my post of Paper Kites- I realise that the times I most notice how light illuminates rooms is in the morning and evening.
In the morning, my eyes are immediately met with the dark room and how the curtains block light from outside. I notice how this light falls on my boyfriend too; there is a definite sense of peacefulness at the same time as vulnerability. Luckily, he’s comfortable with a camera in front of him.
The evenings when I’ve woken up from a nap or doing some work, I see how the different colours of light light up the wall
In one particular spot. This always captures my eye.
This is an intimate space, like how Joel Sternfeld revisits the summer house in ‘A Summer’s Day’ and ‘Oxbow Archives’. It’s a space that I have become used to and the objects in it only look this way here… How I see the world. I see it through the morning’s glory and at the winding down of the sun.

However, there is the difficulty that the light is not very strong; dissipated through curtains and atmosphere of the room, I have to use a high ISO which naturally gives the photographs a lot of grain. Although this is an edgy look, I feel that a lot of these photographs look like that they have been taken with Instragram. Thus, I therefore am going to use photographic lighting to support the natural light by using a snoot.

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