Laura Makabresku

© Laura Makabresku, All Rights Reserved


I have recently signed up to Tumblr, and this is a whole new realm of photo sharing: I have found this Photographer, Laura. Her work is  personal and generally explores herself as the subject. However, it is not this that drew me to her photographs. The tones that is in her photographs from the light is glorious!


© Laura Makabresku, All Rights Reserved

This photograph to me is just exquisite! On the eye the soft tones created from the light outside highlights the subject and also created a deep shadow highlighting how outside seems to hold more hope.

Laura’s work, is an inspiration: her use of light is one I am going to note and use. She uses natural light very effectively to create atmospherical photographs. There is no denying that in her work photo manipulation is used; but this is standard of any modern photographer with a Flickr account.

The partial portraits of the hands by her side are interesting, a different perspective that can offer more than a ‘pretty’ reading to the viewer. This is something I would like to consider when I take my portraits in my summer task.


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