Death Cab for Cutie

This is a fan made video for Death Cab for Cutie’s ‘Summer Skin’. Thinking about Joel Meyerowitz ‘A Summer’s Day’ I thought that this song, for me, is the sound of summer. Although it seems to shout at you in the face; I like the lyrics about freckles and the grass. I would like to follow the idea of summer, possibly making my own sort of ‘video’ for this song.

Summer in the UK in 2012 is a special one: we have the Olympics coming to London in July and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. I think that these events will be crucial to my story of 2012 and the summer.

©Kate Green, 2012 All Rights Reserved

I took this photograph using my Diana Pinhole camera and I love the starburst effect that has been captured; gives a sense of how bright the sun is; however, there are still signs of clouds in the sky- reminding us that this isn’t a Mediterranean scene. This is consolidated by the fact that it is a back garden; a place in the UK where we have marigolds and flower beds, dinner tables and outdoor games as we make the most of our usual quite chilly summers.

I have been working on my pinhole film camera, however, I have also been looking at how summer light streams through into my room. Early evening, I woke up form a nap and the setting sun highlighted only parts of my walls; I love this soft light and immediately captured what I saw. I love how this light works and that in the summer the sun is out from the early hours until nine o’clock or later. Because I want to use portraits in this series, one morning I got up and a harsher light was coming through my north-east facing room; the light was streaming onto my bed and I captured Jamie, looking pretty tired, enjoying having a bit of a lazy morning in bed. This for me is summer; relaxing and enjoying  the small things in life; whereas the cold of the winter and the dark mornings just are depressing; I feel that with all the cold rain; you walk faster to get to places and the pace is picked up out of depressing thoughts. Summer is about taking the time to relax with a cold glass of OJ and smelling the blossom and the dew in the mornings.

What does summer mean to you?

P.S. I’m thinking about starting a Tumblr, what do you reckon?

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