Not to be Worn: New Designs Shoot

Saturday 5th May

Up at the crack of dawn to get down to the Student Union and let Tony and Guy hair stylists and makeup artist in to the meeting room where the models were directed to congregate. None of us really knew each other very well, coupled with the early morning for 6 students, conversation was a bit dry. However, as the T-shirts arrived last minute with the models all glommed up, we were ready to go! The designer, Hareena Liddar, wanted to use old walls around the Cathedral in Coventry to get a sort of rustic look to the location shots that I was going to take. Together we all talked about what was comfortable for the models and what we were looking for: a natural, chilled out look. By this point, because of the chill, we all had something to moan about together and we made the best of the weather. The sun kept peaking through the clouds so I have a mixture of hard and soft light; because the shoot was last minute and I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare I did not use any location lighting so I had to work with the natural look.

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