Task Three: Human Presence

Task Three:

Your focus of photographic interest in task three is to make images of the people that populate your chosen location. Your approach may be that of a documentary practitioner or you may choose to develop your practical approach to portraiture. Whichever; your decisions, experiments and practical research should be detailed in throughout and supported by your sketchbook/diary/blog. 

Your images can be made in situ or away from the site (whichever you prefer), naturally/ artificially lit or a combination thereof. 

I am now back in Coventry, away from my garden; therefore, unfortunately I cannot photograph my brother. However, I still have been able to do self portraits. I have been looking of the work of Uta Barth, especially the work in ‘In Between Places’. Her images in this collection are blurred and surreal, yet the viewer can identify what scene she is creating with her work.

I decided to use digital pinhole for my self-portraits. I wanted to create a hazy memory sort of look; by making present day black and white, to follow the theme through from Tasks One and Two; I then took photographs of childhood photos I was sent of me and my brother. I wanted to keep those in colour to highlight the prosperity and the memory.