Summer Project 2011

Record a visual diary. It should be as intimate and honest as you’re able to. You should make images from the first time you open your eyes, through to closing them to sleep.

Direction: Imagine the person closest to you. Imagine that this morning they woke up. Got out of bed without making it. Then walked out of the room and your life, never to come back. Now go into that room n your mind and see the evidence of their presence. Don’t photograph the head but look for the marks it made on the pillow. Search out the traces that detail this person’s effect on their immediate environment and record them.


Critical Reflection:

With my set of photographs, I tried to imagine a day of intimacy; not just of one person but if important people had left me. The collection starts in my kitchen: the vivid colours of a summer’s morning as pots and pans are left on the worktop; just as if my mother had prepared and then just left: her role in the family is one that looks after us. She cooks and cleans: this is seen again with the photograph of the laundry basket: like it was ready to be taken upstairs, but left.

I then photographed my parents bed: my Dad takes afternoon naps before he goes to work at his cinema in the evenings; often he leaves his side of the bed unmade; with one set of curtains open. I wanted to capture this because this is his typical behaviour that I would very much miss. When I was younger, I would also walk into their room and look at Dad’s bed side table: it was always different: with a watch, loose change and glasses; these objects do not exactly define my father. But he likes to have things ‘out’ : he’ll have piles of post and pots of screws. I took these two photos on my camera phone at the time: this was to hand and candid so I am pretty happy with the result of this. Like it’s really unplanned and natural.

I spent time with my boyfriend of the time in his room so I photographed his space as well; a;though I wouldn’t be in the situation that I would be there without him; I went in with that school of thought regardless. I captures his piles of clothes thrown onto a chair and his unmade bed that was lit by the morning light that shone through the window of the hallway. I know that I could have been a lot more intimate with this space which I regret: the images do not suggest that this bedroom is one of any sort of intimacy between two people.

Finally, I pictured what it would be like if I left. The remainder of my images are of my life: the foot print on the bath mat, my pillow, books, shoes and my chair with thrown over clothes.

Looking back months later at this set of photographs I am disappointed: I remember at the time I was pressed for making the images and I wasn’t exactly sure what was expected of me at the time. Furthermore, I was spending a lot of time looking after my invalid mother (who had broken her knee). However, I look back at these images, especially the blurry ones and I can see a sort of resemblance to what I have been doing recently with digital pinhole. I feel that I could use some of these images now as a starting point; although as a whole I am not very happy with them: not only are they aesthetically not pleasing, as a set there isn’t a clear narrative and need desperate curating.

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