Letter to Self, May 2012

May 2012

Dear Kate,

So, look where we are! I am writing back to you from my desk at Coventry University. Well, what can I say? I survived I suppose! 

I must admit, I found my first term here unsettling: trying to make new friends on top of coming to terms with analogue photography, so I was very much out of my comfort zone. However, I overcome this and I have made such a great bunch of friends on the Photography course: lending a hand and giving advice as well as having a good laugh. I think that going to France in our second term really helped us solidify some friendships and even make new ones. 

I have successfully got myself a part-time job photographing at Club M, a night club at SkyDome in Coventry: this has boosted my confidence no end, as well as given me the opportunity to network and get my Facebook page more interest. However, this aside, I have established a strong relationship with designer, Hareena Liddar, and I am now a photographer and photoshoot organiser for her brand Not To Be Worn. I have accompanied Hareena on two photoshoots and we have aspirations to do some more wild things for her blog and website. Having this opportunity is great for my CV; furthermore, her contacts within the industry may prove key. Furthermore, my blog in my first year has almost hit 10,000 views which have come from seventy different countries around the world.

I am feeling very happy with where I am at now: averaging a first in my moderated modules so far and I hope to only improve more and more as my life is becoming more saturated into the industry. Just a few more weeks left unfortunately before I leave for the summer; yet, what a year! Roll on level two!

I don’t suppose you can quite believe it, but I’ve never been more happy; having an independent lifestyle, with new friends and having people around me with a vested interest in photography. What more could I ask for?


– Kate Green



Working on a shoot with Not To Be Worn, May 2012

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